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Get your dream job

Job Interview

Are you preparing for your dream job interview at an international company but your English is keeping you behind? Is your pronunciation and fluency an obstacle to a better future? Do you want to have the perfect interview but you are almost certain that you will fail? Then our Interview program is the right solution for you.

Course description

At Skype English Tutoring we have helped numerous students get their dream job in international companies and we will be happy to teach you the strategies and the skills of a perfect interview the way they haven’t been taught before.

Our specialized teachers who have worked for recruiting teams in international companies have created a series of lessons consisting of real-life CV's and interviews that highlight the successful techniques for dealing with stressful situations in interviews. These lessons are followed by a practice part which will be customized according to your field of expertise. 

Develop core job interview skills

  • Preparing for the interview

  • Making a positive first impression

  • Dealing effectively with interview questions

  • Talking about yourself

  • Avoiding common mistakes

  • Demonstrating you’re the right person for the job

  • Handling competency-based questions

  • Demonstrating your skills

  • Talking about your weaknesses

  • Asking questions of your own

Recommended class time

Depending on your English level, we recommend 10-14 hours of class time. We will assess your English level at the beginning of your first class and inform you about the course duration that is right for you.

Provided study materials

This business course includes study materials by Oxford and Cambridge University Press designed to help you succeed at your job interview. We will provide you with all of your study materials in PDF format before your first class.


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