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Make successful deals


Are you trying hard to negotiate, but your English doesn’t help you reach an agreement? Are most of your proposals filled with mistakes? Do you lack the terminology to clarify your positions? Then our English for Negotiations course is the right solution for you.

Course description

At Skype English Tutoring our teachers have many years of experience working for international companies. They will teach you how to structure your proposals, use persuasive language, clarify your position, and respond to offers. You will develop your negotiation skills with role plays and demonstrate your ability to make successful agreements that represent your company in a positive way.

Develop core negotiation skills

  • Setting objectives

  • Prioritizing objectives

  • Drawing up agendas

  • Getting to know the other side

  • Meeting invitations and goals

  • Making and responding to proposals

  • Offering a counter proposal

  • Clarifying positions

  • Introducing new ideas

  • Resolving differences

  • Finalizing agreements

  • Setting up action plans

Recommended class time

Depending on your English level, we recommend 8-12 hours of class time. We will assess your English level at the beginning of your first class and inform you about the course duration that is right for you.

Provided study materials

This business course includes study materials by Oxford and Cambridge University Press designed to help you make successful agreements. We will provide you with all of your study materials in PDF format before your first class.

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