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Create stunning presentations


Do your business English presentations get boring and people have a hard time following them? Do you lack the English terminology to embellish your presentation? Does anxiety prevent you from having a successful presentation? Do your managers push you to have more effective presentations? Then our English Presentations course is the solution for you.

Course description


At Skype English Tutoring our teachers have many years of experience working for international companies. They will help you use the correct structure, body language, and visual aids in order to make effective presentations. You will develop your presentation skills with role plays and demonstrate your ability to create professional presentations that represent your work in a positive way.

Develop core presentation skills

  • Dealing with anxiety

  • Introducing yourself and the topic

  • Body language

  • Presentation tools

  • Creating effective visuals

  • Presenting visuals effectively

  • Types of visuals

  • Describing graphs and charts

  • Interpreting visuals

  • Concluding a presentation

  • Handling questions and answers

Recommended class time

Depending on your English level, we recommend 8-12 hours of class time. We will assess your English level at the beginning of your first class and inform you about the course duration that is right for you.

Provided study materials

This business course includes study materials by Oxford and Cambridge University Press designed to help you create professional presentations. We will provide you with all of your study materials in PDF format before your first class.

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