Give your children a bright future

Convenient Skype lessons


We will help your child learn English from the comfort of your home with your presence. All you need is a laptop or a tablet and an internet connection.

Personalized 1-on-1 classes


1-on-1 classes designed to make learning English fun and educational. We also provide exam preparation for Cambridge Starters, Movers, and Flyers.

Native English teachers


Experienced native English teachers from the USA and the UK will help even the shiest children feel comfortable and speak with confidence.

Flexible class bookings


Our classes are available in the morning, in the evening, and on the weekends in order to accommodate your child's busy schedule.

Children's English

Children's English Courses


Our tutoring courses will help your child learn English, understand the grammar rules, gain fluency, learn the correct pronunciation, and get ready for the Cambridge exams.

Cambridge Exams
Starters, Movers & Flyers

General English
Conversation, phonics & grammar

Reading Comprehension
Comprehension, pronunciation & vocabulary

Why choose us for your child's English education?


We make learning English fun with sing-a-longs, games, and rewards! 
Children love us and we love them!



We use phonics books designed for children and phonetic exercises designed by speech therapists for natural pronunciation.


Our Children's English Levels

We will assess your child's English level and match him or her with the suitable course,
according to the international standards of Cambridge University and the British Council.

1. Sign-up


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2. Reserve your class


Choose the date and time for your child's 25-minute trial class

3. Connect on Skype


Sign onto Skype 5 minutes before your child's class and wait for our message to begin

Schedule a FREE trial class


Schedule a FREE trial class to assess your child's
English level and find the suitable course

My daughter loves
her lessons

You are very
good teachers

What Parents Say

You really helped
my child understand English

Thank you for helping my child

I like their 
teaching method

Thank you for helping Paul get 14 shields

Reading comprehension

I love having fun with Ms Anna! She shows me funny animals when I get a good score.

General English

We have fun in every lesson and we talk about the things I like and Manchester United!

Cambridge Exams

I got 14 shields in Starters and I’m ready for Movers! Thank you, Ms Anna!

What Students Say


Do you still have questions?


Do you have questions about what is the best class for your child? Contact us and we'll answer!


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