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Give your child a bright future


Learn English on your computer, tablet, or phone. You just need an internet connection and Skype

Convenient Skype lessons
Personalized 1-on-1 classes

Customized lessons designed for your needs and level using the best study materials available

Native English teachers

North American and British teachers help you speak with confidence and sound more natural

Flexible class bookings


Classes available in the morning, in the evening, and on the weekends to fit your busy schedule

Teen's English


Speak and sound natural

Our classes include special phonetic exercises designed by speech therapists to help young adults improve their pronunciation and sound more natural.

Excel on international English exams

With our customized exam courses we help young adults build up their skills and achieve their score goals on all Cambridge exams and IELTS.


Grammar and usage


We help young adults understand the rules of grammar, practice with skill building exercises, and improve their use of English.

Discuss your favorite topics

Learn English by discussing your favorite topics such as sports, music, movies, travel, culture, etc.


Broaden your vocabulary

Our classes include vocabulary training with tests and analytic reports that help young adults express themselves clearly and effectively.

Personalized lessons based on your needs

We will assess your English level and match you with the suitable course


World class study materials

Our materials are designed by famous universities, such as Cambridge and Oxford University Press, and will help your children learn English in the most effective way.


We talk about so many interesting topics. Ms Anna always corrects my pronunciation and grammar. Thank you!



I feel happy when I talk to you. Today’s lesson was great again. You've fixed some grammar mistakes and helped me understand grammar tenses. See you in our next lesson!



I love her lessons. She’s such a great teacher. She prepares an interesting article for me and I learn so many new words and expressions. Thanks so much!

Read the positive reviews of our students about our lessons

Student Testimonials

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